Museum HOJ, the Malioboro of Bantul
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Museum HOJ at night. (Picture by: A Riyadi/TIMES Indonesia)
Museum HOJ at night. (Picture by: A Riyadi/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESSINGAPORE, BANTUL – Located in Sewon, Bantul, Yogjakarta Museum History of Java (HOJ) not only will pamper their visitors with a gigantic museum, but also will present a beautiful lighting like what Malioboro has in the night.

This museum is a perfect match for historian and a food lover since rather than the museum itself there is also 6000 m quarter of food stall behind the Museum. This is ares is namely known as Malioboro Street Food.

Once u step on this location you will feel the Malioboro atmosphere where there are lots of pedestrian lamps along with the street food seller. But, you won't find any vehicle crossing by like what they have in Malioboro which will make you feel more comfy about it.

The is an amphitheatre at the end location which could accommodate around 2000 people at a time. No wonder there were usually lots of performance that entertain the visitors.

"For those who would like to get in and enjoy the Malioboro food street could enjoy the History of Java (HOJ) Museum Bantul Jogjakarta by paying some admission fee for IDR 30 K," Yenny Dwiwati, Operational staff at Museum HOJ said. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Sholihin Nur
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